I am interested in conducting researches that include image/video analysis (including texture and shape analysis, segmentation, registration), multimedia databases and data mining (feature extraction, content based access, high dimensional indexing and similarity search), steganography (data hiding in images and video, and their detection), and signal/image processing for bio-informatics including the integration of web-technology etc. The following table shows the salient themes of interest.

Current Research
  • Develop web-based system for content based images retrieval.
  • Develop techniques or models for the design, analysis, testing of web applications.
  • Provide attention to information security in the web framework.
Research areas of Interest
  • Image texture characterization,image segmentation and their applications.
  • Content/concept based Image Retrieval.
  • Image sequence analysis and Computer vision.
  • Pattern Recognition and artificial neural networks.
  • Web-services and networking.
  • Human-machine interaction.
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